Pilates Reformer

The pilates reformer is the most universal piece of pilates equipment.


Second to the mat, the pilates reformer is the most universal piece of pilates equipment. Classes on the reformer cover anywhere from 25-45 exercises in an hour. Each class will target a full-body workout with emphasis on the “powerhouse”, your abdominals, low back muscles, muscles around the hips, and the buttocks. Each class is different and with over 700 exercises to do on the reformer, the sky is the limit with a workout. With emphasis on power and mental strength, instructors at studioG will encourage and motivate you to push past your limits and experience your highest potential with the reformer. If you have tried the pilates reformer before and did not quite experience “the workout” portion of it, (i.e., you didn’t sweat, you didn’t feel the workout in your body, you didn’t understand how to move and breathe properly), and you are interested in using pilates as your full approach to meeting your fitness goals, we encourage you to try our reformer classes. Class max is 3.

The Workouts


PILOXING uniquely mixes Pilates and boxing moves into a fat torching, muscle-sculpting, core-centric interval working, guaranteed to whip you into shape, using a class format that’s both fun and challenging. 40-45 cardio and 15 minutes at the end for butt, legs and abs. 1/2lb weighted gloves add to the toning and calorie burn!

Cardio-Infused Pilates

In addition to the pilates portion of classes, we will often infuse cardio blasts if requested. With 2-3 blasts in a hour, each blast consists of 4 intervals that entail 80 seconds each of rigorous aerobic and anaerobic activity.


Taking pilates to new heights! Aerialates involves the trapeze bar and silks and challenges you to take pilates off the floor and up into the air. Never getting bored, we are ever amazed at the results in this class.

Pilates Booty Barre

A fun, heart pumping, calorie-zapping pilates class at the barre! Targeting your whole body, you will be amazed at the results from this class. You will get your cardio, your toning, your core work, and your flexibility all in this one hour class.

Pilates Mat with Props

The pilates reformer is intended to help us improve our exercises on the mat. Using your own body weight as all the resistance you need, you learn how to move your body up and off the floor with breath, control, and precision.

Pilates Reformer

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Private Lessons

If you are new to pilates, we highly encourage you to begin with private lessons. We have a special package for new clients to the studio with 6 private lessons for $300.